Ministry Staff & Associates

                                                                                                              CHERIE FLOWERS

Cherie has been a part of the Ministry since 2009.  Currently, she serves as the Office Manager with various responsibilities. She also is on our deliverance ministry team.  If you have ever contacted our office you have probably spoken to her.  Cherie coordinates the ministry schedule and events.  She enjoys being with her family, traveling and reading.  Her passion is serving others. She attends Covenant Church in Colleyville.





Bill comes to our ministry as an answer to prayer. He is a Christian business man with global influence and an effective deliverance minister. He has a God-given passion to see people begin Liberated Living. He is on the East Africa and West Africa Chamber

of Commerce. Worked extensively with our government and world governments. He designed a city for King Abdullah. Bill is a cybersecurity expert addressing and commenting on current online threats ranging from clickjacking, identity theft and cyber bullying.  He is married and has two children, they live in Bedford, TX . He attends the Mission Church in Bedford.





Jeanie and Ronnie were remarried after her husband Ronnies time in prison and have four children. The live in North Richland Hills and attend Champions Crossing Church. They both are on our deliverance ministry team and travel to special events with us.








DODY WILLIS          Dody has the longest tenure of our volunteer deliverance minsters. She lives in Bedford,  and comes to our office on her days off to assist in ministry.  She was listening to a teaching one day about when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead.  Jesus said to the “others” around Lazarus, “loose him from the grave clothes and set him free.”  She felt that The Lord spoke to her heart then and said, “I raise them from the dead and my body, the church, is supposed to unwrap them from the oppressive, worldly, legalistic, demonic grave clothes, setting them free.”  And, it is her heart to do so as she works with us and keeps a full time job.