ENJOYING DECEPTION


Prayer precedes discernment. Sometimes we don’t believe that God will give us direction and stir truth within us. Too often, we just depend on our human understanding.




No, I didn’t intend to say “altered”.  You know, put on the altar of God thru prayer? Our thoughts and opinions matter. God’s Word measures the thoughts and intents of our heart. His Holy Spirit is sent to, among other things, to lead and guide us in all truth. What we believe is important. That’s why we need to “altar” what we believe  . . .  put it on the altar of God. It may be that our doctrines need to be “altered” once they are “altared”.  


I heard a story about a particular church. The county where this church was located had voted to allow the sale of alcohol. Most of the Christian community opposed this. A man in the community acquired certain property and built a building to sell alcoholic beverages and also become a local tavern.


The church, determined this would not happen, announced an all-night prayer meeting to stop this from happening. They prayed. That night lightning struck the proposed tavern and it burned to the ground. The church members rejoiced and the tavern owner decided to sue the church for the destruction of his property. Never had there been a lawsuit like this. The church denied any wrong doing and denied any responsibility for what happened.


Before the judge reached a decision he remarked in the newspaper that one thing he could conclude apart from his decision was that the tavern owner believed in prayer and the church didn’t.


I think you get the point. Our opinions need to be “altered” . . . I believe God’s way is to love the tavern owner and get him saved. Asking God to destroy his business might not be the Holy Spirits choice. Truth is what God always honors and that’s why our opinions need to be “altared” . . . put on God’s altar.


What’s wrong with the truth? Nothing. What’s right about the truth? Everything. A lady who would quickly tell you that she has special gifts from the Holy Spirit, came to my office one day to accompany a friend  who was going thru deliverance. Actually, the lady of whom I speak, had encouraged the friend to seek deliverance. She was along to encourage her and to pray silently as the session was going on.


Now, it is not uncommon for someone in this situation to experience what I am about to tell you. (We no longer allow anyone in the sessions that has not gone thru deliverance.) When deliverance prayers have been prayed and the commands are being given, whoever may be around could have demonic responses. The demons are just obeying commands and they are often stirred in others who may be present. They are nervous when the Name of Jesus is spoken. Their discomfort is often displayed in the person.


As the friend was going thru deliverance demons began to manifest in the other lady. She was “gyrating.  Her body was moving back and forth and she could hardly be still. It was clear that there were demons present in her life. We got thru the session and she was astonished. I did not address her about it but had mentioned to her what might happen prior to the session.


A few weeks passed and her friend called and said, “Wasn’t it obvious to you that Jill, (not real name), had demons and also needs deliverance?”  I told her that it was but Jill would need to request deliverance, that she had to desire it. I explained that I could not cast them out against her will. She understood and asked if it was OK to approach Jill about it. I knew that Jill knew. I assumed she would have probably already contacted me about it. I didn’t know why she had not. Her friend called me in a few days and said, “Jill is afraid that if she goes thru deliverance that she will lose her gift of prophecy.” I’m like, “What?” “What?”


This really happened  This lady enjoyed her false gift so much that she didn’t want to lose it. What strong deception. The lady still has her demons. She still has a “word” for everyone she meets. She still wants to interpret dreams for people and be “God’s” visionary. She claims to see the future and past for anyone and everyone that will listen. She still is tormented with many illnesses. She may seem like the exception . . . but you might be surprised how many people enjoy their deception.


     What a tangled web is weaved

      when a lie has been believed


The cost for this woman to be free probably includes pride. How can she confess she is a false prophet? It is easier for her to remain in deception than “confess” to God and be eligible for deliverance. She’s a nice lady. She goes to church all the time and frequents all of the bible studies, where she can forecast for someone or everyone. You probably know someone like this. She is simply deceived and in a bondage that can only be removed by her admission to God that she wants to be free. There is no other way to obtain freedom. She enjoys her deception.


You must submit your flesh, your lifestyle to God. There must be submission. That involves your will and desire. There must be surrender. Doors that were openings for demon powers to bring sickness and other areas of darkness must be closed.


Submission is a choice and only you can make it. A deliverance minister can’t make it for you, your spouse or parents can’t do it for you, it is a conscious choice that only you can make. In this case, surrender is a choice that will bring victory. Sometimes preachers, teachers, religious views can complicate a very simple truth. I hope this helps to un-complicate some things.


The flesh and the desire to be recognized as God’s voice for today and for someone else’s life can be a dangerous pursuit not only for you but for those that you influence with your deceptive “words”.  Make sure you are not enjoying deception.  Truth is simple and it is is the more excellent word of prophecy.


The lies of false religion, or incorrect Biblical doctrines can create a level of comfort with the deception. Just think on this for a final thought,  “If truth sets you free, what causes bondage?”


Glad to have folks in Denver getting involved with Liberated Living ministry. Thank you for your support and especially your prayers.


Just for Jesus,