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Testimony Of Don And BullDog

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Testimony of Don and Bull Dog
How many times have people attempted to define "love" ...however, I will not attempt to define it. It has been clearly described in the Bible. "God is love"...I won't even give you the many kinds of love. Just a simple story that let me see love in a very unusual way.
That Is An Ugly Dog
A few months before my youngest son was married, his girlfriend came to our house with an English Bulldog puppy she had bought for him. She said, "I just bought this dog for Robby and I was wondering if he can stay here until we get married?" I looked at the dog and smiled as I said, "I don't know Paula that is an ugly dog...Yeah, he can stay here."
Right from the start I did not like that dog, and he would follow me everywhere I would go. If I stopped, he would bump into me. He knew I didn't like him but he kept following me around. I recall one evening I was retired to my favorite chair to read the paper. He came out and sat down on the left side of the chair and just "locked in on my eyes"...he was staring at me wanting my attention, but I just ignored him.
In a little while he raised his left paw -they have huge feet, like a lion - and he just barely touched me on the knee.


I Wasn't Ready For A Relationship With A Bulldog
Like a cat pawing the air, he very gently just touched me. I still ignored him. I just wasn't ready for a relationship with a Bulldog. After a moment he sat up like a teddy bear...his big ol' white chest and his teeth sticking out...he very gently put both paws on my knee. I continued to ignore him hoping he would go away.
He didn't, instead he placed his chin on my knee, his eyes just focused on mine and waited for my response. His short stubby little tail was moving slowly. I couldn't resist any longer. He had won me! I reached down and picked him and I can tell you this, we are buddies today. He won me big time. My son and daughter-in-law have moved, but I've still got the dog!
The Same Way Jesus Won Me
God spoke to me through that situation. Not through the dogs voice obviously, but the manner in which he won my love. It was the same way Jesus won me. He loved me first! He loved me first and would not stop loving me. He was always there, even when I didn't want him there, even when I tried to run him off, he was there, just loving me. Every time I caught his eye, all his eyes said was, "I love you anyway". He never growled at me, nor threatened me, he just loved me. Putting his "hand" on me gently with love and was willing to wait for my love. God really spoke to me through that situation, for you see that Bulldog won me God's way. Love. God is love! That's not what He sends, or what He preaches, that's what He is.
Love is powerful!
It wins enemies, it conquers all, it never fails, it restores relationships, forgives, is patient and kind. God is love. To show you how powerful love is and how God has allowed me to see it afresh through a Bulldog. . These are not healthy dogs. They are sick all the time, they are unhealthy because man has tampered with them over the years, they have been cross-bred and cross-bred until man had created a dog to fight bulls.
They do have tremendous strength in their jaws, but they are not healthy. They have a large mouth and a small throat, their digestive systems are fouled up, they develop arthritis early in life and do not live very long. They also look vicious...but they are actually very gentle and loving dogs.
His Body Was Lifeless
I came home one evening and he, (Rollie), wanted to play. He was just bouncing around with a playful little growl when all of a sudden he just collapsed. He fell to the floor like he had been shot. He was unconscious. His legs were limp and his body was lifeless. Now several weeks ago I may have reacted quite differently, but now I love this dog and love changes everything.
My son, Robby, who is a medical student, was still at home and was in his room studying. I yelled to him to come quickly that something was wrong with Rollie. He came as quickly as possible and we feverishly tried to revive him. "Dad" Robby said, "I think he is strangled". He was. Robby was pumping on his stomach as I had pried his mouth open and was cleaning out his throat. I had my hand in this Bulldogs mouth cleaning it out. Love changes everything.
Rollie eventually got him a breath of air and we rushed him to an animal hospital where he was placed under oxygen for many hours. He is ok today. My next move was going to be mouth to mouth on him! I would have done it, I know I would because I love that ol' Bulldog!...I won't do it for your dog, but love makes a difference and God used this very human experience to remind me of His great love! (Rollie died June 26, 2000)
It may be that you have never experienced God's Love. Perhaps you think that God could not possibly love you because of something you have said or done. That's what Calvary is all about. God's great love for us sent Jesus into this world to pay the sin debt we created. He paid it all at Calvary.
You can know the love of God in a personal way by receiving His Son as your Savior. Why don't you pray this prayer from deep in your heart, as sincere as you know how to be.
"Come into my heart Lord Jesus and save my soul. I believe You love me and I believe You are the Risen, Living Son of God. I need you. I confess my sin and I turn to You for salvation and a new way of life. Thank You for hearing me and for saving me. Amen"
Maybe you are already saved but are not sensing the Love of God in your life, perhaps you need to reestablish that it now. God Bless you.

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