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 Demon Doorways by Don Dickerman


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           Generally there are seven common doorways, depending upon how you break them down, and there are many subcategories among these. Let's look at obvious doorways that could occur in ANY life.

I. Generational or Ancestral Curse

           "Ancestral curses are more often determined by their ill effects. Deuteronomy, chapter twenty-eight, enumerates several common effects of curses that can be paraphrased as follows:

1.       Poverty or perpetual financial insufficiency.

2.       Barrenness and impotency together with miscarriages and related female complications.

3.       Failure. Plans and projects meet with disaster.

4.       Untimely and unnatural deaths.

5.       Sickness and diseases; especially chronic and hereditary diseases.

6.       Life traumas; going from one crisis to another.

7.       Mental and emotional breakdown.

8.       Breakdown of family relationships, including divorce.

9.       Spiritually hindered in hearing God's voice, sensing God's Presence, understanding the Bible, concentration in prayer and being devoid of spiritual gifts."


           "...for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me." Exodus 20:5

37 Biblical Curses

           Failure, or refusal, to obey God's commandments brings a curse. If we expect to stay free of sin curses, we must walk in obedience to God.

           How can one know if he is under a sin curse? First of all, has one despised God, or refused to hearken to His voice? God's blessings come to those who are doers of His Word. Curses come upon all who "will not hearken unto the voice of the Lord thy God, to observe to do all his commandments and his statutes." Deut. 28: 15.

           The Bible specifically names many sins which result in curses; for example:

1.       Idolatry. (Either making or worshipping an idol.) Deut. 27: 15; Exod. 20:5

2.       Dishonoring one's parents. Deut. 27: 16

3.       Defrauding one's neighbor. Deut. 27: 17

4.       Cruelty to a handicapped person. Deut. 27: 17

5.       Oppressing the defenseless. Deut. 27: 19

6.       Fornication. Deut. 22:21-29

7.       Incest with one's sister, mother-in law or father's wife. Deut. 27:29,22,23

8.       Sexual relationship with any animal. Deut. 27:21

9.       Adultery. Deut. 22:22-27; Job. 24:15-18; Num. 5:27; . Lev.20:10

10.    Homosexual relationships. Lev. 20: 13; Gen.19:13,24,25

11.    Sexual intercourse during menstruation. Lev. 20: 13

12.    Marrying a woman & her mother. Lev. 20: 14

13.    Rape. Deut. 22:25

14.    Children conceived out of wedlock. Deut. 23:2

15.    Accursed objects in one's possession..

16.    Any occult practice (divination, sorcery, omens, witchcraft, consulting a medium, consulting the dead). Deut. 18:9-13. Lev. 20:6,27

17.    Murder. Deut. 27:24 r commandments. Deut. 11:28 18. Murder for hire. (Including those who are paid to perform abortions) Deut. 27:25

18.    Forsaking the Lord. Deut. 28:20

19.    Not serving the Lord joyfully and gladly in the time of prosperity. Deut.28:46

20.    Not reverencing the name of the Lord God. enumerated in Deuteronomy 28: 1-14 Deut.28:58

21.    Presumption in thinking that one can disregard God's Word and devise his own way. Deut. 29: 19

22.    Cursing or mistreating Abraham's seed. Gen. 12:3; Num.24:9

23.    Refusing to help in the Lord's warfare. Jud. 5:23; J er .48: lOb

24.    Failure to give God the glory. Mal.2:2 l

25.    Robbing God of tithes and offerings. Mal. 3 :9;Hag.1 :6-9

26.    Neglecting the work of the Lord. Jer. 48:10a

27.    Enticing others away from the Lord into a false religion. Deut. 13: 18-21

28.    Taking away or adding to the Word of God. by God and others. Rev. 22:18-19

29.    Teaching rebellion against the Lord. Jer. 28:16, 17

30.    Refusing to warn those who sin. Ezek 3:18-21

31.    Defiling the Sabbath Exod 31:14; Num 15:32-36

32.    Perversion of the gospel of Christ Galatians 1:8,9

33.    Cursing one's rulers. I Kgs. 2:8-9; Exod. 22:28

34.    Refusal to forgive others after asking God to forgive t you. Matt. 18:34,35

35.    Child sacrifice (Example: abortion). Deut. 18: 10; Lev. 18:21

36.    Disobedience against any of the Lord's commandments. Deut. 11 :28; 27:26

           There is yet another way to determine whether or not one is under a curse: by comparing his life to the blessings God has promised to those who love Him. If one is not blessed, he is cursed. How does your life measure up to the blessings enumerated in Deuteronomy 28: 1-14? Are you "set on high" by God, a lender and not a borrower, the head and not the tail? Is your life characterized by fruitfulness? Do you prosper --coming and going? Are you free from the harassment of enemies --both natural and spiritual? Is your life a success? Is your relationship with God gratifying; are you recognizing and fulfilling His purposes? These are the earmarks of a blessed life. If one is not enjoying the blessing, then he is suffering the curse. There is no in-between.

           Yet another way to determine if curses are in operation is to look for the effects of curses. Common effects of curses are poverty, barrenness, pestilence, chronic sickness, failure, defeat, humiliation, insanity, torment, perpetual traumas, spiritual hindrances, domination by others and abandonment by God and others. (See: Deuteronomy 28:20-68).

From "The Breaking of Curses" by Frank and Ida Mae Hammond

II. Occult Involvement

           Perhaps involvement is too strong of a word, because association in virtually any way can be an open doorway. Most often when this subject comes up we tend to think of Satanism and the worst degrees of occult activity. But just being in the room where a Ouija Board is used can be enough to open the door. Seemingly "innocent" slumber party games of levitation, seances or dabbling into spells and curses can grant permission to spirits to demonize a person.

           Reading books about curious arts, witchcraft, and other "magic" interests can be very dangerous. Objects in a persons possession can also give permission for spirits to torment. Curious visits to fortune tellers, astrological forecasters, psychic hotlines etc. often prove to be doorways for demons.

           While teenagers will resist this. Music is a huge advantage for the enemy today, especially the "heavy metal" hard rock music that glorifies Satan and his works...suicide and death are preoccupation of the lyrics and often the album covers. There are wide spread areas of occult possibilities that include, Freemasonry, Eastern star, Oddfellows, Rebekah Lodge, most fraternity and sorority pledges and such organizations fall in the category of "Bloodless" "Christless" religion and it's power must be broken. There are many others and it is always better to be sure and safe than to turn one's head. If there's a possibility that an organization or group may fall in the cult category, deal with it .This doorway is best dealt with by having the person denounce involvement.

III. Unconfessed Sin

           This may seem to be an obvious area, yet it can be confusing to most believers. Without doubt "unforgiveness" is likely the biggest doorway to give ground to the enemy. Matthew 18:23-35, Jesus said it is God's permission for demons to torment believers. The confusion does not lie with the fact that "unforgiveness" is permission for demons to torment believers, but with the fact that they likely do not leave when unforgiveness is repented of and forgiveness is released. That is where the demon has gained much advantage. They leave when they are commanded to leave not when a person begins to pray and repent...though often, they might.

           Anger is in the same category. Anger that lingers "gives place to the devil" (Ephesians 4:26) You can be sure if you have carried anger for a period of time, you have opened the door and given place to the devils. The same is true here, when anger is repented of the demons who were invited by that permission do not necessarily leave. Most often they do not.

           Any unconfessed sin could be a doorway for demons to invade and occupy a believer. (Not possess, of course, oppress!)

           Example: Smoking and not being willing to quit and surrender the body to the Lord can block someones deliverance. Now, if their desire is to quit and to be free from the nicotine that is another thing. But unwillingness to repent or any known sin could very well block a persons deliverance..

IV. Abuse

           This could certainly be a sub-category under trauma because most of abuse is traumatic. I believe however, it might be a separate division to investigate. You will without doubt, find demons have taken up residence through abuses.

           This entryway usually has it's beginning with childhood:

A.       Sexual, physical or verbal abuses are ALWAYS avenues for demonic entry. Demons do not miss this opportunity. Often the kind of abuse the child suffers invites a particular demon that manifests throughout life. Generally sexual abuse brings a sexual demon and it can do it's destructive work by causing sexual repression, oppression or promiscuity. The incubus spirit or the succubus spirit often gain access to a life through childhood sexual abuse. Guilt and shame spirits virtually always accompany this abuse.

B.       Physical abuses, like the sexual abuse, also attract the "fear" spirit and it begins it's torment at an early age. Also this abuse can bring a spirit of violence and hatred, bitterness, revenge and unforgiveness and many times results in criminal activity spirits. The opposite is also true, sometimes the spirits that come are rejection, poor self-esteem, unworthiness, self-hatred and other similar sprits. Spirits of hurt and pain.

C.      Verbal abuse is not less damaging in opening doorways for the demonic. This falls in the category of spoken curses. If only a parent knew and understood the damage done by words and attitudes. Fear spirits show up here with condemnation, rejection, self-hatred, lack of ambition, sometimes eating disorder spirits find this doorway to do their destruction. Many times have I uncovered spirits of hopelessness, worthlessness, self-blame, and scores of others that description from words spoken: "Your no good" "You'll never amount to anything" "Why are you so stupid?" "I don't know why we ever had you." "You're a coward" "Why can't you be like your brother." "Your daddy didn't want you anyway." And these words don't have to come from a parent...they can also open doorways when spoken by teachers, relatives, classmates etc. When a person "receives" the words of condemnation, when he believes the lie, the demon is empowered.

           Adult/spousal abuse is no less a danger: Many marriages are destroyed by the demon who is either already present or comes through abusive actions or words. Criticism is abuse! Abuse of any kind can be a doorway to the one receiving the abuse.

V. Immorality

           You can build your own list here. It can be far ranging. It would certainly include:

A.       Sexual impurity - adultery, premarital sex, prostitution, pornography, homosexuality, lesbianism, perversion etc.

B.       Alcohol and drug abuse - this could include prescription or "over the counter drugs."

C.      Criminal activity.

D.      Others.

VI. Trauma

           "An injury, a wound to living tissue. A disordered psychic or behavioral state caused by mental or emotional stress or physical injury..." In my definition concerning doorways for demons it can be any state that produces fear and uncertainty.

           There are numerous opportunities in life for someone to experience fear. It can be as a very young child and it can be at anytime through life. Some of the obvious situations I have encountered include, but not in any particular order:

A.       Surgery: I have found many times that demons can gain access to someone through surgery. Generally, it is when there is need for anesthesia. I do not know if it is being "blanked" that opens a door. One doctor told me that when a person is going under anesthesia and coming out of it they are very vulnerable to receiving words or sounds they hear at that time. It may be the fear and uncertainty someone has as they enter surgery. Another told me there is often hard rock music being played in the operating room and occasionally conversation that is ungodly. Regardless, it CAN be a doorway. I always ask about a persons experience with injury and surgeries. I have found spinal taps to be doorways.

B.       Movies/TV Programs: Horror movies are definite doorways to spirits of fear. But this is not limited to "horror movies"... particular scenes or words from virtually any movie can open a doorway and I see this many, many times.

C.      Any Frightening Experience: While nightmares are caused by demons, they can also be the source to open a doorway. An evil presence sensed in the room. Terror of the dark. Most phobias are demonic.

D.      Sudden Loss: The sudden loss of a loved one or a financial disaster...any event that brings fear and trauma can be an invitation for the ungodly creatures. They seldom miss an opportunity.

VII. Death of Someone Close

           This is a consideration that is often over looked but may be a very real possibility. Whenever a person dies, if that individual had demons, the demons no longer have a home. There work in that particular life is done and they must now find a new home. Generally they prefer to stay in a family or in a familiar individual.

           I have seen this many times. A young man started having fears of losing his mind, tormenting fear that he would go crazy and he was only 17-years old. His mentally unstable aunt who was his favorite has died and only days afterwards he began to receive the same torment she had known. He has recently been delivered of that torment.

           Another lady who began to have heart problems not long after her father died of a heart attack. I have seen many similar situations. This is much more common than you may think and is an area that should be explored.

           Now, this is by no means a complete exhaustive list. In each of these divisions there are numerous doorways.

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