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October 2008 Newsletter: Seeking Signs

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October 2008

But He answered and said unto them, An evil and adulterous generation seeks after a sign; and there shall no sign be given to it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas:        Matthew 12:39



I don’t think I can recall a period in my church life where there is so much deception being perpetrated upon Church-leaders by demons and upon church members by each other.

It is disgusting to those who are genuinely seeking to please God. Droves are being turned away from genuine relationship with Jesus by the godless, self-seeking, money-mongering, phony "prophets" …. While I have great spiritual disdain for these folks … I am equally disappointed by those in the body of Christ who perpetuate the problem by embracing and seeking after the phony message.

I have heard many solid messages about "not chasing the signs" about living a life that allows signs to follow...but I don’t think I’ve ever seen the church this far out of alignment from truth. The sign seekers are everywhere!

Jesus called a sign seeking generation an evil and adulterous generation. What strong words from the lips of Jesus! Does it seem to you that those who claim to have a gift of discernment cannot discern truth from error. Those who claim to be Holy Spirit baptized are the first to chase after that which is phony.

What’s happening here?

The signs of healing and deliverance do follow believers who walk in genuine authority...but the sign Jesus spoke of has already been given and He said there would be no other.



What an insult to God to ask for another sign or an additional sign. "For as Jonah was three days and three nights in the whale's belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth."

"And the Pharisees came forth, and began to question with him, seeking of him a sign from heaven, tempting him. And he sighed deeply in his spirit, and said, Why doth this generation seek after a sign? verily I say unto you, There shall no sign be given unto this generation." Mark 8:11, 12

Why do you keep looking for signs? I tell you 75% of the people I see for deliverance are "sign seekers". The dabble in "prophecy" in a quest to be recognized as super spiritual. They go after territorial spirits in their prayer and talk, in an effort to appear spiritually superior. Their engagement in such opens their lives to great deception, and they chase after "they know not what". They strain at gnats and swallow camels. They are in all of the "new movements" the "fresh fires" "the river" … it goes on and on and not only are they duped, they become discouraged and eventually go nowhere.

I get "prophetic words" in my e-mail box almost daily, the only problem is they are not prophetic at all...not only are they seldom correct, they are never correct. I wonder, why are people so attracted to this? Why do we seek after more signs from God when we don’t even honor the sign that has already been given and will be the only sign given!

These people have to have special titles to enhance their deception. They call themselves "Prophet" "Apostle" or maybe some other lofty title and claim to hear directly from God. The Church has got to do better! Where are the genuine preachers who will proclaim the Blood of Jesus and the power of His resurrection.

Some of you reading this fall into this category. Generally, when this happens it is because the message has gone from focus on Jesus to focus on the Holy Spirit. I believe this so grieves the Holy Spirit that permission is gained by demons to deceive and to give false gifts and to deceive even as a "false" Holy Spirit. Jesus must be the focus. Genuine Holy Spirit filling will cause you to lift up Jesus.

The Holy Spirit desires no attention, He is honored when Jesus is magnified. While every gift of God’s Holy Spirit is legitimate and valid, virtually all of them have been mimicked, mocked and "adulterated"! Do you see why Jesus called sign seekers an "adulterous" people. They have polluted the simple, powerful message of the resurrection. Don’t chase signs!

I know folks who go to every seminar and meeting held, all of the conferences and have all of the tapes and materials and can’t seem to find peace, they constantly seek, I guess, thinking some day some how, thru some speaker they will hear the "magic" words. There are no such words. God’s Word has already been spoken and the sign has already been given. The resurrection of Jesus was and is the sign.

I know of churches that have been virtually destroyed by venturing out of the realm of God’s Word, particularly by engaging in spiritual warfare beyond our realm of authority. If you want to damage your church, maybe destroy it, try going beyond what God’s Word teaches.

We have not been given authority in the cannot take back what never was yours, principalities and powers have authority because it has been given to them by the sin and disobedience of people. Get the people saved, leave the principalities alone. They have rights by the people and until the people submit we have no rights to banish these spiritual kingdoms or "take back cities or communities" … we tread on very dangerous ground when we do this.

Listen, that’s not a casual observation, it is the voice of many years of experience with this! Don’t chase signs. Don’t engage in territorial warfare. It’s not wise and it ’s not scriptural. It’s not wise because it’s not scriptural.

Why not seek Jesus. If you want to be pure in your seeking and chasing. Chase Him, seek Him. The signs will follow you. Those who seek "signs and wonders" … I wonder about the wonders you seek. What sign has importance other than the death, burial and resurrection of God’s Son? May I just say in Love, don’t be seduced, don’t compromise the simple truth of God’s Word. Evil and adulterous people seek after signs...these are the Words of Jesus and they are for our admonition and spiritual safety.

Thanks for your help in this ministry...we ministered deliverance to more than 150 people in September. We have two prison services coming up and of course, our Colleyville Night of Ministry.

Just for Jesus


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