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 Prison Ministry Comments
Below are comments that Don has received from chaplians, ministers, prison officials, and inmates through his prisons ministry:

Jeff Carter, Chaplain, Attica, NY:
"Don has a unique ministry that is entertaining, yet is seriously reaches the soul and intellect. A ministry that is genuine, effective and always welcome here at Attica".

Rev. Johnny Berry, Chaplain Federal Women's Hospital, Ft Worth, TX:
"You have been a friend, a brother, and very effective in your ministry to inmates."

Rev. Emmett Solomon, Former Director of Chaplains, Texas Department of Criminal Justice:
"I appreciate Don's personification of love as he ministers. That stands in contrast to the harshness of prison life and is, in my opinion his strong point through which Christ ministers. I recommend him to speak to any prison group."

Rev. Keith Powley, Chaplain Federal Ad-Max Institution, Florence, CO:
I have been chaplains in state and federal facilities, we need your ministry..."

Rev. Ernie Boston, Fishkill Correctional Beacon, NY:
"Brother Don doesn't have to ask me if he can come here, just let me know when he'll be here..."

Rev. Angel Hernandez Chaplaincy Supervisor, Puerto Rico Corrections Administration:
"Each time you come to our prisons good things happen. The inmates come to Christ when you come to Puerto Rico. I pray for you and your family daily. God has anointed you and we always look forward to you coming to Puerto Rico. You are my friend."

Rev. Glenn Crook, Chaplain United States Penitentiary-Allenwood Complex White Deer, PA:
"Brother, we look forward to you coming again, all the chaplains at the Allenwood Complex speak highly of you." (Chaplain Crook was formerly at Leavenworth)

Rev. Duane Winters, Chaplain Alabama Women's Prison, Wetumpka, AL:
"I appreciate your ministry to our ladies on death row. The general population keeps after me to ask you back for another service. Consider this an invitation."

Rev. Phillip Johnson Chaplain Women's Prison, Dwight, IL:
"Brother the ladies loved the services and continue to talk about it, please plan to come again."

Rev. Ron Padgett, Former Director of Chaplains, Mississippi:
"Doctrinally sound, deeply genuine and effective..."

"You're like David Wilkerson... you are welcome here, Lad..." (As he escorted me to visit one of Ireland's toughest prison, the Infamous Portlaoise Prison-Portlaoise, Ireland)

Rev. Thomas Samuel, Chaplain Central Florida Reception Center, Orlando, FL:
"God has gifted Don Dickerman with a compassionate yet powerful message that inmates respond to. God is glorified, inmates are saved and chaplains receive ministry. I highly recommend this brother."

Doris Woodruff, Indiana State Director of Chaplains:
"Combined with a delightful sense of humor and a powerful outpouring of God's Word, the work of Don Dickerman is very touching and inspiring."

Rev. Dr. Jimmy Draper, Past President Southern Baptist Convention, President Southern Baptist Sunday School Board, Nashville, TN:
"I am grateful for the burden which God has given Don Dickerman for prisoners and for those released from prisons, know of my love and appreciation for him."

Rev. Michael Dew, Chaplain Fountain Correctional for Women, Rocky Mt., NC:
"Brother, you are welcome here anytime. We love your ministry."

Chaplain Dawn Christopher, Chaplain Delaware Women's Facility, New Castle, Delaware:
"I pray you will come to us on a regular basis , I would like to recommend you to all of our Delaware facilities. Our ladies were indeed blessed."

Rev. Robert Danage, Mid-Atlantic Regional Director of Chaplains United States Bureau of Prisons:
"Have any chaplain call me for a recommendation. I will gladly speak out about your ministry."

Rev. Dr. Hector A. Cheisa, New York State Regional Chaplaincy Supervisor:
"I call Don, my Bapticostal brother because he is so anointed. He has ministered for me both at Woodbourne and Sullivan Correctional facilities and I have been a guest in his home. He is my friend and I recommend him highly."

Rev. Allen Davis, Colorado Department of Corrections Chaplain, Canon City, CO:
"I will do my best to get you into every state institution when you come again to Colorado. The men were moved and many were saved when you were here."

Rev. Matthew Kantrowitz, Chaplain Maine State Prison,Thomaston, ME:
"Brother Don is welcome here and I wish he could come more often. We are hoping he can come for a three day revival..."

Rev. Vance Drum, Chaplain Eastham Unit, Lovelady, TX (called America's Toughest Prison):
"I highly recommend this ministry, uplifting and inspirational. If good healthy laughter is the best medicine, then Don Dickerman is the world's best doctor. I have seen the most hardened inmates laugh for the first time in years in a Dickerman-led service. Don knows what inmates need to hear and knows how to say it with love. Don is being used to bring many from sin to salvation...I pray God's continued blessings as inmates are pointed to Jesus..."

David Berkowitz and Don Dickerman David Berkowitz (so-called Son of Sam), Sullivan, NY:
"Brother Don is my friend, I call him my pastor. I love his ministry and his family. I wish every inmate could hear his message."
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Mark David Chapman and Don Dickerman Mark David Chapman (the man who shot John Lennon), Attica, NY:
"Brother Don has been a friend and advisor. I pray for and support his ministry to inmates."
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Rev. Thomas Reaume, Chaplain Riverside Correctional, Ionia, MI:
"I always look forward to your ministry here, so do the other local chaplains. We wish you could come more often."

Rev. William Gagus, Chaplain, State Correctional Institution, Waymart, PA:
"Don Dickerman is welcome at SCI and we will rearrange our schedule in order to have this ministry in our prison. The men always look forward to this ministry."

Rev. Alex Taylor, Chaplaincy Administrator, Florida Department of Corrections:
"When I was chaplain at the Ellis 1 facility in Texas I repeatedly had the opportunity to have Don Dickerman conduct chapel services. If you are interested in a down home message of God's grace and a demonstration of Christian love then you will be interested in this ministry...I heartily recommend him."

Rev. David Ring, Florida Regional Chaplaincy Director:
"Brother Don, Chaplain Taylor said I could take you fishing but to be sure and not drown you because you are one of our finest evangelists..."

Rev. Jerry Groom, past Director of Chaplains - Texas Department of Criminal Justice:
"I have been a chaplain in both Federal and State Prisons, and Don Dickerman Ministries is absolutely the finest evangelistic ministry I have encountered..."

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