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We receive many praise reports from those whom have come through the ministry for personal deliverance... it has nothing to do with us - we are simply a vessel and are blessed to be used by the Lord Jesus.All Glory, All Praise, All Power is His... He is the same as He  was yesterday, today, and tomorrow. He is our everything. Here are a few recent praise reports:

Don this is Ronnie I just wanted to let you know that I recently saw my doctor ... He has been nominated and given a Top Doctor Award from the city of Ft Worth. He did a complete blood screen on me about a month ago. They took about 6 vials of blood. I just received a phone call from the doctors office that my bloodsreens  have come back and are completely normal. No sign of any hepatitis C. Thank God for Jesus thank God for deliverance and thank God for Don Dickerman.
I just thought that you should know. Thank you for being obedient to the Lord Jesus and thank you for having the courage to confront the enemy in my life.
Ron Cummings

Note: Ron had been given a death sentence with a hepatitis C diagnosis in 2004, a doctor telling him he had 3-5 years to live. We found and cast out five demons doing the damage in his liver.

Lord God showed me the pathway to you thru my daughter. This very morning I watched you on ytube and received the freedom from demons. I prayed aloud with you with a sincere heart. I held on to the IPad with both hands and prayed right along as if I was holding you hand and the hand of God. I began to cry, and oddly rocking back and forth. Sighs came from my mouth, from deep inside. My nose was dripping and tears came. Then I felt compelled to cough just after you addressed the lead demon to gather his stuff and go. I was compelled very compelled to find your website and enter this letter. I have read almost all of your book about pigs and have been in study of late. It is of God that all these things are related to my increased sense of oneness with my Jesus. I am his and He is mine. Thank you for helping me in the name of God. You are his modern day disciple.  Judy

Dear Don, a few years ago I began getting attacked in bed at nite while asleep, it was terrible but then it progressed and i was tormented w/ a demon of anxiety,it would deprive me from sleep for days on end, I'd have to run out of my house at all hours of the nite & roam these dangerous streets. My ankles & feet would swell, because it would prevent me from sitting down for days on end, couldn't breathe/heart palpitations and more, truly torture. I found Win Worley, Derek Prince & you on you-tube.After praying along with your "courtroom of freedom" video, I vomited off & on for a few hours and I could feel 1 of the demons leave me, I've watched/prayed along several more times, and each time had coughing/vomit then relief. GOD Bless you Don,you've shown me deliverance, I am forever grateful, I can never thank you enough Don, you showed me my Savior JESUS CHRIST, doesn't want me to be tormented. Thank GOD for you & your message about HIM. JESUS CHRIST is LORD. Again many thanks,

blessings your book of pigs in the living room have been of blessing to me they guide me so much in deliverance i put your books into practice god bless you. the pigs are out of my house. i love deliverance blessings  Judy Lopez

Can not "put down your book" WHEN PIGS MOVE IN, What a REVELATION ! it IS, I have recommended to every body I know.


Thank you Praise God and thank you Jesus . Just coughing since waking this morning as I planned since yesterday to sit through your courtroom this morning . A lightness in being now . wonderful . I can see day light so to speak the clouds are gone . Your entire information here was exactly what was needed. Robin


Why can’t I sleep?  There I sat-exhausted, depressed, despairing, anxious, fearful, perplexed and, quite frankly, mad. By no stretch of the imagination am I an expert in spiritual warfare, but with a cup of coffee in my hand and gallons of gloom in my heart, I blurted out, "If there is any demon that is preventing me from sleeping, I command you in the name of Jesus Christ-tell me your name." Immediately, and I do mean pronto and forthwith, this name popped into my mind- "Argon." Argon? With only a moment's delay I tenaciously continued, "Argon, in the name of Jesus Christ and by the authority of who I am in Him and who He is in me, I command you to immediately leave me and I cast you into the abyss." And then I finished my coffee.

A couple of hours later I sent an email to  Don Dickerman Ministries,  I wrote, "I ran into a demon this morning named 'Argon'. Have you ever encountered a demon by this name, and if you have what can you tell me about him?" The office responded with they had, indeed, run into a demon called Argon and that this demon causes pain and sleeplessness. Mind you they had no idea that I had ever suffered from sleeplessness nor did I mention to him what led to my encounter with Argon that morning.

So what has been the result of that encounter? That night, for the first time that I could remember in eight years, I slept like a baby; and the next night, too. Since that cold, dark, depressing morning I have not had a single night that I have not slept like a log. The change was immediate, instantaneous, and now uninterrupted for the past five months. I now go to bed, go to sleep, and wake up rested. I look forward to bedtime. After eight years I can sleep again. Praise the Lord. Yesterday while my wife and I were on a walk I said to her, "What do you make of my not being able to sleep for so long and now I sleep like a log every night." She simply replied, "Argon is gone." He is indeed!"  Chip.  Georgia 

My ministry team is praying about having Don come to Atlanta, Ga. I was so blessed to receive a call back from your office. What encouragement. Love this ministry. Will definitely be sowing into this work and ordering product. God bless, Linda Vega

"Thank u for your books, for all that you have done to set people free. Our family has forever changed because of the TRUTH you revealed through your ministry.God bless you" Theresa

I've been reading your material & watching YouTube messages. I want to help set Christians free of demon oppression also. Thank you for this ministry!  JBizz

Satan had me blinded to the truth for 60 years. Thanks to you, Don, I know that it is the devil who should be trembling and not us. I just ordered your seminar training material and DVD's because I believe I am being called to help others as well as be delivered myself. Thank you. Coach Hal

I wanted to write to you to say how deeply grateful.... deeply grateful i am to the Lord for your willingness and positioning to be used by Him to lead me through my deliverance. Deliverance has never been taught in the church circles i have been brought in. I knew something was not right but not until my boyfriend gave me a copy of Don Dickerman’s book did I have a greater understanding of what was going on in my life and my daughters. I was shocked by the experience... I can’t believe a tongue talking bible thumping gal like me had opened huge doors for oppression, and how that had been a part of my life for so long! I can say I know I am changed ,and those close to me see behavioral changes in me for the better... I actually deeply desire to be an honorable women, and dress like one.... i used to watch alot of the Brovo Housewives shows.. they were my favorites..... I have no desire and I have conviction never to turn them on again... I want to be the best temple I can be for Jesus. My 4 year old came to me and told me she isn’t afraid of the dark anymore and that the monsters and dinosaurs that would scare her in her dreams have gone! She has not had one night terror since my coming to you and receiving my deliverance. I am not afraid of the interstate either, I was traveling with my boyfriend and didn’t even notice until he pointed out to me that we were on then off of the interstate... I never noticed, how awesome! There are so many things big and small i have noticed and keep noticing in my life. and the other part of retraining my flesh and praising God is going to continue to be a journey but at least i am on the proper road now! Just like salvation deliverance is a process I would recommend for every individual and has to be an foundation part of ministry and life in growth for new and old Christians. I want everyone to take this journey. Ignorance leaves a person oppressed unnecessarily. I want to continue to root myself, and then dig deeper in training and know how to walk others through deliverance. I couldn’t imagine living one more day bound. Everyone needs this freedom. it was for freedom that Christ has set us free, no longer to be subject to the yoke of slavery. That’s what I rejoice in. I will see you all again i am sure, and i want to bring others to receive healing as well, groups... this is to vital..... My friend Mike who came with me will be there on the First as well as other friends who he spoke and shared my experience. i will be there soon making a trip with my boyfriend who told me about you all in the first place. i am excited to see God use us as we yield and open the doors for many to follow to freedom after us. I love you jeanie... the experience I had with you and the Father will be a monument forever in my life and marks a new beginning of new thinking and freedom. Thank you so much! I love you!


dear mr. dickerman, i was just watching a video on youtube a guy posted called "how to cast out demons" he referenced your name and website in the video. i can not begin to tell you how thankful i am i found his video, as well as, the video you have posted on this website. after watching these videos, i felt a giant weight come off my shoulders. i have been thinking i was going to hell without any hope whatsoever. i have not been able to eat or barely get out of bed. you are so right, when you said the main thing you have to start with is forgiving everyone. god bless you sir! i can not begin to thank you enough. i believe god led me to that video of that young man who led me here. i thought i was i feel hope again.  G.

A friend led me through deliverance. i still chew on the inside of my mouth and wonder if i am still in need of deliverance. will you add me to the distribution list for the deliverance sessions you have in or around Houston, TX? i would like to attend the next service. Thanks & many blessings to your ministry. I have learned much from the 2 "pig" books and passed them on to my family and a friend who is a pastor. Lisa

The Lord told me some months ago that He wanted me in the deliverance ministry (I did not ask for this). I have learned to obey God's voice. One author suggested 5 books that helped him the most in learning about deliverance, When Pigs Move In was one of them.. I will be 80 next yr. imagine! With God all things are possible. Your book was extremely helpful & so well written, thank you. Barbara Walsh

"I just wanted to say thank you for all you and your ministry has done for me and my daughter! We will never be the same again!! We finally can sleep thru the night. We have a peace and joy that just keeps flowing out of us. It's like we just got born again!! We feel such joy and freedom. I will pray for all of your team. Thanks again, Pat C." 
"My experience of deliverance at your ministry was true Christianity in practice. In the past two years I have been eager to experience what I read in the Bible. From 12 years of Catholic school and a very weak and carnal Christian life I now realize that I am just beginning to get hold of some of God's principles. I have wanted to experience true Christianity (Mark 16:17, 18). Now I have.

"I was so intoxicated with the Holy Spirit when I left your office...that’s the first time that’s ever happened. Glory to God, I had been experiencing nightmares, lot’s of anxiety and’s been two weeks now and I feel wonderful, relaxed and clear. Thank you Do for your obedience to the Lord in your ministry. Tish K.”


“I felt really cared for, it’s been a long time since someone really listened to me...ever. The wisdom you shared with me I will never forget and I will apply it to my life. I never have felt that kind of concern from any pastor or fellow be honest I had lost faith in pastors, my questions or difficulties seemed to be ignored, you restored something in me...thank you for making such a huge difference in my life. Maggie B. “


 “I feel like Paul when he said, ’I give thanks to God for you daily’, I am so thankful for God’s truth at work and your work with Him. I was very expectant when I came because I knew I was struggling and could not get out from under this oppression...ha! I had no idea what I was dealing with. Freedom is much more valuable than pride. Thank you for your diligence, my life has had great changes already...I was so overcome with happiness and the joy of the Lord. I had cried out and prayed and struggled to regain joy...and then there it was! Thank you so very much and Bless the Lord O my soul and all that is within me. Elaine G.”    


“It has been a month since I went through deliverance. There have been so many changes in my life. No longer am I being tormented with bad thoughts. I am free from condemnation and am free in my spiritual life...I am so blessed from this ministry. Jared S.”


“I give God continued glory for the changes in my life since I left Texas from my deliverance. The inner peace and inner balance has even affected my physical heart...also my house is not cluttered. I had such a problem with clutter. I even cleaned out my purse on the airplane when I left. I never felt so free.” Many. Many blessings. Nancy P”


“My name is Stacy, my husband and I are pastors in Connecticut. Last year my husband traveled to Texas to go through deliverance and was totally set free! Praise the Lord… Stacy O. “


“I no longer have a constant, conflicting barrage of negative “voices” in my emotions. Gina M.”


“Don, We’ll always love you for all of the kind care and true-blue help you have extended to us on many occasions. You will always be a special person to us. The major change of life we’ve experienced is almost overwhelming! The joy does not wear off. It’s been 3 years  now since our deliverance.

We are experiencing an  abundance and peace we never knew a person could. Love, Noah and Debbie”


“You are serving the Body of Christ in freeing others from bondage and I appreciate that you gave of your time to help free me. After the sessions, I was amazed by how “silent” it was. I was so used to hearing those voices, (talking to myself), that afterward, it was just me and the Lord. It took me  a couple of days to adjust to the silence in my head! Since I am not struggling with self-hatred and rejection anymore I feel so much at peace… Thanks again for all you do and for helping me. Ellen. W.

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