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February 2008 Newsletter

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This could well be a reprint from the

Jerusalem Times

verification of articles may be authenticated by the Holy Bible


Nain, Galilee AP A mother is rejoicing today as she tells everyone she sees about the miracle that took place last Tuesday. Her son was scheduled to be buried at the cemetery just outside of Nain. As the funeral procession headed out of the gates of the city a man reached into the casket and touched the dead son. "He just spoke to the dead body." Said a friend of the deceased, "All he said was, ‘Young man, I say unto you, Arise.’ I wouldn’t believe it if I had not seen it."
"My friend sat up in the casket and the pall bearers lowered the casket to the ground. Some of them stumbled and almost fainted with fear. He simply got out of the casket and started dancing and shouting."
The man who reached into the casket was named Jesus. He lived in Nazareth about 10 miles north of here. We had all heard his Name, but we didn’t expect that He could do something like this."

"He walked my friend to his rejoicing mother and as the mother and son embraced, Jesus and his friends simply continued on their journey. People are saying that God has visited His people."


Gadera UPI The most unlikely man in the region has become an ordained missionary. The man who became known only as "Legion" had a notorious reputation until a chance encounter with a man named Jesus.
The man had been a trouble to this area of the country for many years. Various community resources had tried in vain to help this man. But with no success. Homeless and tormented with mental problems he lived on the outskirts of the city and roamed among the tombs, the man had no shame, wore no clothes and often hassled passers by. The same day that he met Christ, he came back into the city clothed and in his right mind. He told others of his miraculous change and that Christ had commissioned him to tell others. His story is that he was tormented by demon spirits and that Christ had cast them out

Bethlehem, Judea AP It was a night to be remembered in this small Judean town southeast of Jerusalem. The air was full of excitement even before this supernatural event. As the word spread, cheerful joy filled the air. A child had been born to a woman who had never had sexual relations with a man. Artificial insemination was not a possibility. There seemed to be no human explanation.
This reporter along with others who gathered have never seen anything like it. People in the area at the time of the birth said they saw angels and heard faint sounds of singing coming from the heavens. The skies were particularly bright and one star seemed to shine directly over the sight of the birth.
This, in itself, is somewhat strange. This birth took place in a barn on the east side of the city. This was a most unlikely birthplace for a "miracle baby." As the days passed visitors came from far away places and showered the child with gifts.
In a related story, King Herod passed a law calling for the death of newborn males. Critics believe it was a political ploy to destroy the newborn fearing he may someday become King. It is estimated that if this decree is carried out the number of children murdered could exceed 500 infants under the age of two. Amazingly, Herod has the support of those in and about Jerusalem. Innocent blood will be shed.


He is back in the news again and this time the religious community is up in arms. A local Jewish woman, known by most of the city as the one bent and stooped from her sickness, was walking upright without pain and praising God for her healing. "Jesus cast a spirit of infirmity from me, I am healed." This happened right in the synagogue on the sabbath day. It caused no small stir among the "righteous leaders". The ruler was indignant and religious leaders in an uproar, some claiming, "There are six days in which men ought to work..." They were not only upset with Jesus for healing the woman but also at the woman for coming expecting to be healed.

This reporter has known this woman for many years and the evidence is indisputable. She is loosed from the crippling bondage and anyone that knew her cannot deny that this is surely a miracle. What seems so contrary to our educated minds is that this miracle was performed by "casting out a spirit".


Jerusalem AP The recent triple execution of three convicted Jews has stirred the oft debated death sentence issue. Opponents of capital punishment raise the point of possible innocence of the condemned. Those in favor of the law say it is fair and the court system should remain as is. However, the latest execution has raised new questions.
Jesus Christ, who claimed to be King of the Jews, appeared by all counts to be innocent. The two men put to death with him both confessed to their crimes.
Christ was convicted without representation and made no defense of His own. It seems had He defended Himself He surely would have been found innocent.
Pontius Pilate, when asked about this said, "I am innocent of the blood of this just man. I have washed my hands." Some believe that Pilate yielded to the pressure of the people. Because of a tormenting dream, the night before, Pilate’s wife urged him to be cautious of his decision. The debate today is that if he was a "just man", why was he executed?Strange things happened as this man was placed upon the cross of death. There was what seemed to be an obvious disapproval from the heavens. The sky darkened and the sun refused to shine for three hours. This was more than heavy cloud cover, it was an inexplicable phenomenon! The earth began to tremble. It shook in anger. So strange was the earthquake that graves were opened and those who were dead got up out of their graves and walked into the city! In the temple, area the veil that separated the Holy Place from the Holy of Holies, ripped from the top all the way to the bottom. Religious leaders had no comment about this. Most speculated that the veil would be sewn up and restored in place.
Since the death sentence was carried out three days ago, new developments have the community stirring. The followers of Jesus are claiming that He is alive, that He has risen from the dead. As unlikely as this appears, our investigation reveals that His grave clothes have been found. They were neatly folded in the grave where Christ’ Body had been laid. The huge grave stone has been moved and the officers stationed at the grave had no immediate explanation.
A former prostitute, Mary Magdalene, claims to have seen Jesus Christ and to have spoken with Him. Her testimony, however, is questionable because of her tainted past.
Government officials have issued a statement saying that the followers of Christ had secretly stolen the Body and had made false claims that He was alive. Some people are not buying this. Many heard Christ say that He would rise again.
Could it be true? Only time will tell.


Eighth round draft choice, David Jessie pulled off the upset of year as the Israeli Saints soundly defeated the Philistine Giants. Having defeated the Lions and the Bears in previous matches, the Giants were no match as the Saints got a head quickly and never looked back. David was a little known prospect when called up from the Bethlehem Shepherds.
The Ravens and Doves flew into action for the first time. The Doves entered this contest as heavy underdogs but in the end held the olive branch of victory. Coach Noah was one happy camper.Angels soundly defeat Assyrians. Talk about an upset. Going in the Assyrians were 185,000 to 1 odds to win. It was never close, it was a shutout by the Angels.Holes in one - Jonah, son of Amittai. 1st hole of Mediterranean course, using a "no" iron.

In Tennis, Joseph served in Pharaoh’s court.

Thanks, as always, for your support and prayers. You make this ministry possible.

Just for Jesus,


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