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January 2011 Newsletter

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The Righteous Judge

I wrote about this in our book, When Pigs Move In, as well as in our new book, Keep The Pigs Out. However, I realize that many of you have not read that book and I believe this is a critical component in understanding the deliverance process and recognizing how to remain free.


Try to imagine this spiritual picture . . .  a courtroom where Jehovah God is seated at the judges bench. He is the Judge of all truth and righteousness. It is His legal system. Law is what He has spoken  Whatever God speaks becomes law. You can’t see His face, just His Glory.  Holy Angels encircle the bench and proclaim His holiness. God is not only the Judge, scripture calls Him The Righteous Judge.

Numerous times throughout God’s Word, He is referred to as judging righteously. To Timothy, Paul says that He is the Righteous Judge. He is that today!

So already we see that this is no ordinary courtroom. This  courtroom is different. Only truth will be recognized here. You see, deliverance it is not about power, it is not just about authority, though we certainly have it in Jesus Christ Name, it is about truth  All demons are liars, their rights to a believer’s life is through deception, it is in causing us to believe a lie. Their rights are obtained through sin and disobedience either in our life or that of our ancestors. An element of their deception is to make us believe that we can never be free.

What is a typical legal right that a demon may have? Unforgiveness. Believing that it is ok to hold onto to anger, resentment, bitterness  . . .  this is a common example of what gives demons access to believers. Convinced that there is justification to hold unto unforgiveness. That bitterness is justified because of the level of hurt or disappointment.

These must be confessed as sin before The Righteous Judge, forgiveness through the Blood of Jesus Christ must be received. Once this is done, the demon no longer has a legal right to the life. Confessing the sin cancels the demons rights to ones life but does not necessarily mean that the demon leaves. They must be commanded to go in the Name of Jesus Christ. They must be cast out.

Prosecuting demons is what I do. In this courtroom, I represent the deliverance candidate. I am part of the firm, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I am a legal representative of Jesus Christ. Visualize that I am the defense attorney for the deliverance candidate. I am the prosecuting attorney against demons  I am defending the believing candidate and protecting their rights, in the Name of Jesus Christ. As His ambassador and by the authority given me in His Name, I will be the deliverance candidate’s attorney.


I will prosecute demon powers based upon the truth of God’s Holy Word. All demons are liars so what they say must be challenged with  will that stand as truth before Jehovah God?  I have found that demons will not lie to Jehovah God.



 The line of questioning is simple. State your name and occupation, demon  Jesus commanded this of the demoniac in Gadera.  What’s your name?  Who are you? Demons have names given them by their creator, Jehovah God. They have personalities, rank and particular functions. And, demons have job assignments.

Their jobs always will fall into four categories . . . rob, steal, kill and destroy. Some are principalities and powers, some are rulers of darkness, others are demons of spiritual wickedness. Some are serpents, some are scorpions, rats, octopuses, leviathans, beetles, creatures of darkness, some have other creative identities. Their assignments are against the purposes of God and against believers.

Once their name and job assignment is established, always as  truth before Jehovah God,” one main question remains. “Do you have any legal rights to remain in this persons life?” Permission, consent, legal rights, must be from Jehovah God or from the individual. If the person wants to remain in bondage the demons have permission to stay. But when confession is made and it has been established that the demons have no legal permissions then we have absolute authority in Jesus Christ’s Name to cast these demons from the individual and into the abyss.

Holy Angels are the  bailiffs  in this court room. They are there to enforce the commands and minister to the believer. There is always victory in this court room when righteous justice is the goal of the believer. What is righteous justice? In this case, it is desiring to be free from any lies of the demons. Not having any secret deals with the enemy, not participating nor cooperating with the opposition.

I believe there are four basic deliverance principles. Obviously, there are some foundational truths and basic rules or standards that apply to deliverance. At the risk of oversimplifying these principles, I will list them again . . . they always apply. 

1. Either a believer has demons or he does not.

2. If one has demons, it must be that the demons are there by some kind of legal consent.

3. The believer must have a sincere desire to be free from demonic powers. The human will is absolutely recognized in this process. There is no consent that cannot be removed thru Christ.

4. Once the consent, or legal right, has been removed the demons can be cast out in Jesus Christ’s Name.

The removal of legal rights takes place in the court room of God’s recognized legal system. Rights can only be removed through confession and repentance thru Jesus Christ. It is His redemptive work on the cross, and miraculous resurrection that makes this possible. Because we are believers, heirs of God and joint-heirs with Jesus Christ we can be represented “legally” in Christ’s Name. The authority is in  HIS NAME and His Name is far above principalities and powers!

Thank you so much for your support and especially for your prayers!


Just for Jesus,







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