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November 2009 Newsletter - Dream About Territorial Warfare

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I saw a huge winged creature hovering in the sky. The sky itself was bright and clear, there were no clouds. The scene was somewhat tranquil. The bird-looking creature was brilliant in it’s appearance. It had a “neon” glow to it. The best way I could describe this creature is that it looked very similar to the mythical Griffin. It was huge, white with a green and gold glowing outline. It was so magnificent it was almost worshipful. Either someone was seated on the creature or it was part of his being. He had a bow in his hand. This was a magnificent creature. It was majestic in his appearance.


I’m a pretty basic guy and  before I proceed with this “vision within a dream” I feel I must qualify what I am sharing with some personal knowledge about myself. I am a conservative Christian. I dream all the time but not about spiritual things. I dream about high school, or not being able to find where I parked my car, sports and silly stuff, like most dreams, that’s all they are, just entertainment as we sleep. I don’t try to figure out if a dream has some significant meaning. I’m a pretty basic guy. I mean, what qualifies someone to be a “dream interpreter” anyway?


I proceed with careful forethought and biblical analysis in these areas. I guess I’ve seen and heard too many false prophecies and false words. I would say I am spiritually cautious and I “try the spirits” to see if they are of God. I desire Holy Spirit discernment, I despise deception. Often, I say, “God if you are going to speak to me give me something clear, don’t ask me to “figure it out” or make some kind of spiritual application, make it plain for me.”


This particular revelation came like a “vision” within a dream. It was like a flash amidst other things I was dreaming about. I could not tell you what else I dreamed about that night but I could draw you this scene today it was so vivid. It is difficult to tell how high in the air this creature was...maybe 50 feet. It was somewhat low in relation to where clouds may be.


Beneath this “heavenly realm creature was a herd of sheep. The sheep were huddled together on the side of a hill, a beautiful green hillside and near a fence. It was like I was viewing this from across the fence. There seemed to be acres and acres of rolling pasture, almost like a golf course, but it was pasture. The sheep were all together near the fence. Not a great number of sheep, maybe 25-30.


For he is our God; and we are the people of his pasture, and the sheep of his hand. To day if ye will hear his voice,  Psalm 95:7

3 Know ye that the LORD he is God: it is he that hath made us,  and not we ourselves; we are is people, and the sheep of his pasture. Psalm 100:3



The sheep had faces of men. I hope I can describe this so that you get a glimpse of it.  I realize as I’m sharing this that it may sound like I think I’m Ezekiel or a prophet of God. I am neither. I’m just a regular guy. However, in this vision each one of the sheep had the face of a man. Each face was different, it was like gazing into a crowd of people. The sheep seemed so sad, some of the faces were bleeding and they had tears in their eyes. They just stood there.




The creature in the sky pointed his bow at them and shot what seemed to be “hooks” into their flesh. The sheep appeared not to know where this was coming from and they put up no defense. They only looked at each other. They all seemed to be bruised in different ways. They just stood there and took it. Each of them looked beat up and bruised. They seemed to have no leader among them. There was no shepherd in the vision. They were vulnerable and ignorant of the assault.  


The vision was both incredible and indelible.



The following night I was a guest preacher at a church in rural Ft Worth. I had actually forgotten the dream until I made a turn on a country road to get to the church. I saw a small herd of sheep huddled near the roadway fence. Immediately the dream came alive. Tears came to my eyes as I recalled the dream.


As I think about that dream today. I think how difficult it is for our modern society to relate to Biblical accounts of sheep and shepherds. I don’t know if I’ve ever even touched a sheep and I know I’ve never met a real shepherd. It is clear, however,  that God’s Word compares believers and true followers as sheep, sheep of His pasture


In my dream, all of the sheep were bruised and hurting. That is such a picture of the church today. Virtually all of the sheep in the church today are carrying wounds. Most don’t know how to defend themselves. Having a shepherd that does not lead is like having no shepherd at all. Sheep know how to follow but they don’t know how to fight. Jesus did not leave us defenseless. He left us with His Spirit and His Word. It is the call of the shepherd to equip us to stand.


Our publisher has asked me to submit a new book on Territorial Warfare and we will soon make a DVD available about that...knowing our limits and realm of authority is an absolute must. I am very grateful for your prayers and support.


Just for Jesus,




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